How to lose the pooch belly- Removing the Belly Bulge

Published: 05th October 2006
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How to lose the pooch belly- Removing the Belly Bulge
It would not be wrong to say that half the people in the entire world suffer from the problem of obesity and excess weight. With the modern lifestyle becoming increasingly becoming static and no physical activity, a large number of people including youngsters below 30 years of age are becoming obese. It is observed that obese people normally have an out of shape belly. Both, men and women have a common tendency of developing a large and protruding tummy. This is due to an increasing concentration of fats near the stomach area. There are several exclusive exercises which are essential for removing this bulging belly.

Steps to Lessen a Bulging Belly
There are many steps which can be successfully implemented to reduce a swollen tummy. These steps are actually known to the people, but since they are difficult to follow they are not very much implemented. The first step is to exercise perfectly and follow the exclusive stomach exercises. These exercises include brisk walking, sit-ups and abdominal crunches. Brisk walking is a great way to regulate body metabolism and burn excess fats especially belly fats. Sit-ups and abdominal crunches do not actually help in burning excess fats but are essential in strengthening abdominal muscles and flattening the bulge. Belly flattening exercises need not always be well defined. Even some normal household work and chores are great belly exercises. Work like gardening and other work which involves physical activities like bending, lifting, twisting etc are all great exercises for flattening the belly bulge.

To lessen excess belly fats and flatten the tummy, the individuals must be very careful of their diet. They must refrain from eating fatty and high calorie foodstuffs. They must strictly have a diet which contains lots of fresh and green leafy vegetables, fresh fruits and less oily substances. They must avoid sweets and keep it to a minimal. Individuals must avoid desserts, creamy and fried foodstuffs. These are the main causes for developing belly pouch and thus must be avoided at all costs. Excess sugar is the most important reason for developing a large tummy and hence sugars must be kept at a low minimum.

A reason given lately for people developing a belly pouch is the stress which has become so much a part of the modern lifestyle. It is a bit difficult to believe, but stress is a cause for obesity and developing large tummy. Increase in stress results in an increase in the level of hormone called cortisol which is responsible for developing excess and unwanted belly fats. Individuals must try to reduce stress levels and involve themselves in healthy physical activities, stress busters and recreational activities.

Signing Off
Generally when people become fat it is the belly that goes out of shape. It makes the entire body form is disturbed and it looks very ugly too. Thus when individuals begin to develop even a little bit of belly pouch, they must immediately take steps to flatten and have a regular exercise regime.

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